ARTICLE: It's Time for the Circle City to Break the Circle of Violence
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to Anti Dog Fighting Education is the significant cost of creating, producing and distributing a DVD. World Media ( has been incredibly generous in underwriting and donating their wonderful talent and skills to provide us with this tool. It is fair to say that their efforts will have a positive effect on communities across the country and thousands of dogs who would otherwise fall through the cracks.  
WARNING:  This video contains graphic images and is not suitable for children!

The primer is self contained, in that it gives any first responder the basic tools necessary to detect and effectively prosecute dog fighting. Agencies that use this educational primer may be inspired to move on to a larger, more detailed and established program.

This educational DVD is free to public agencies and first responders. It is our hope that, by making this information available, we can raise public awareness and ignite a passion to combat the unconscionable cruelty and community scourge that is dog fighting.


Indianapolis' local news, WISHTV 8, provided excellent coverage of our DVD World Premier event.
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